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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


u wll agree with me that your more that 70% of yor household gadgets are from china, from your kitchen, wardrobe and even your environment, then i ask my self; why china. i have some findings to tell you why this happens.
1. i would like to congratulate them for their good policies that have made them surpassed japan in out put to clinch the top largest market in the world.
as much as you hate to love their products couse of their quality, u have to agree that they are very aggressive when it comes to marketing their products, thats why u are complaining but yet you are still going to thier shos to have one or two things. market niche and lower are powerful tools that they use to capture the market. but the best part of it as this..
i happen to be working with a chinese forwarding company based in kenya(Nairobi), and so i have 1st hand information on this, the only deal with goods from china...they have pitched camp in 17 African countries and the network is still growing at a very fat rate. the other part is that, they dont do it two way traffic but rather one way traffic. by this i mean, tthey only forward goods to kenya and not the other way round. by so doing , they are growing thier industrial output and increasing their revenue at the same ime taming deficits(imbalance of trade) in this case they export more than they import and thus they have a upper hand in deciding what price to charge. this is so selfish but at the same time its good for their economy as they will have better terms of trade than their partners.
so why this??????
remember also that this guys have undervalued their money.......can u guess why. ill update you on this on my next post...for now lets import

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