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Sunday, October 31, 2010

2012 conspiracy theory

i too dont like consipracy theories, but a timmes they turn sooo true.... so dont ignore this one as well, it can be as true as u think its a lie.
now, u know how Kenyan politics are played unless u aren't a kenyan but again, even non citizens understand THE SAME. a recent wave of ministers in kenya resigning and i bet no one has , but the correct term is "step aside" is alarming as it sends a strong mesage to those who are corrupt that their days are numbered. but to me some are a mere scapecourt as those eying for the seat in 2012 are the real and the current culprits.
1st it was hon Rutto, then wetangula, then majiwa...then...more head to roll soon. but again i think this is all about politics.
kibaki is a very cunning person and very smart in what he does...his successor choice can never be Raila, come rain come sunshine.. and do u remember during the promulgation how people were ululating about raila...this gave aspirants a cold shower down their spine and things have to be strategiseid early enough to avoid upsets come 2012. Kibaki has calculated his moves well by pushing Ruttos suspension to Raila. this has caused the kalenjin community to love to hate this man with one heart, a person they were willing to die for in 2007. that's a cool 2m votes at now, kibaki is a hero among the kalenjins and since rutto has 90% of the bock votes, kibaki is counting onthat for his choice on 2012 presidential race.
wetangula has also been eying the seat but with the embassy saga still on his neck, his dreams have dwindled...
if anything to go by, all these aree calculated and timed...rutos case might drag till 2012, and so might not go for the top seat since the constitution cannot allow him to, same as wetangula. but at the same time..their votes are kept well in store and some one will definitely run away with in 2012
fro now, lets sit and wait to see what next n who far the typing error hasn't been mentioned.

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