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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kenya is riding on a dangerous path

ukiona vyaelea jua vimeundwa....its a saying that i tend to concur with like i have never before considering the current political situation in kenya. soo many events have unfolded in the recent past that i can say they are related and well planed. the recent appointamet by the president on the four top judicial organs marked a start and and a continuation of the current events that tend to unfold each day....just yesterday the PNU wing of the government are threatening to pull out of the coalition government due to the current misunderstanding in the coalition government.
to me this is not just out of no where, these goons want to take Kenyans for a ride with their selfish interests of retaining power and also to have their cronies in the top government positions.
the grand project here is to pull out of the coalition government and thus calling for a general election and because the know that they have disinter-grated ODM and taken part of it to their side and are thus guaranteed a win if they go for a majority of seats in paliament, they also want to make sure that they have the numbers in order for them to pass any bill they feel is of their good and frustrate the other side of the government.
i was just comparing the share prices and i have noticed a drop in price of shares and also the shilling has weakend and i predict that so long as this stalemet still continues it will deep further unless drastic measures are taken to guarantee back the investor confidence.
if this will continue, we will roll back on the huge steps we had taken in realizing the vision 2030 and also erode the 6% growth rate we have registered in he last few months

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