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Thursday, December 23, 2010


many kenyans do appeiciate the building of thika Road as to many it will decongest the city he ,anace and try to solve to solve the traffic jam mance on the me it is a well alculated move by th epresident to award his pears and his commiuniy. i like the way president kibaki does things in a well calculated manner to bind the kenya nad at the same time rewad his own community for being loyal to him and also o try and make central kenya the hub of this economy.
i have several facts to substanciate on this. one: being in government in his firdt term he made sure that all machiney that will make a smooth decisions on the economic policies that were tto be undertaken including nming his OWN in the dockets that where deemed necessary for the implimentation of the policies and these include the ministry of finance, planning, nairobi metropolitant, KIPPRA. it was complete and the next big challange was to get the second term to roll out the decisions tha were at the time of the of his first term still pending
Two: the reasn fro the thika high way to be built was to open up the central part of kenya....most people will now move to live along thika road to avoid the traffic jam to which most of the busineses there are owned by his keens men...testiomony to this is how high rise residential buildings are comming up along thika super high way as many would love to call it.
three. the resent publication by the ministry of planning an vision 2030 to start a city called tatu town in thika is evident of the intentons of the building of thika road. and for that reason, like kibaki and his way of tackling issues betwee helping his people without making the others raise a finger. and by the way mombasa road has the worst traffic jam in the country but ws not given the priority
more insight of this to come in my next blog as i tske you into details of the plans and its executions

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  1. Fact: Mombasa road was redone before Thika Road.

    Fact: Tatu city is a privately run venture, nothing to do with the government.

    Fact: Many other roads were built before Thika Rd: Nairobi - Nakuru, Nakuru - Timboroa, Sultan Hamud - Mtito Andei, Maji ya Chumvi - Mariakani, Kisumu - Bondo, etc etc.

    Fact: Thika Road was already in very poor shape, what did you expect Kibaki to do? Continue ignoring it?

    Its a pity that there are Kenyans who see everything using tribal lens. Once complete, the Thika highway will be open to anybody willing to use it. Nobody will ask you for a tribal pass.

    Fact: the high rise buildings coming up along Thika Road are built by private investors, again nothing to do with the government. If anything, there are lots of investors who had their buildings demolished.